Colchester-Harrison Manual / CNC Lathes

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Colchester-Harrison Manual / CNC Lathes

A range of manual and CNC lathes from a specialist with over 100 years manufacturing experience.

Manual Lathes

Very popular machines in both education and industry with 140,000 lathes in operation worldwide.

  • From 330-810mm swing and up to 4000mm centre distance
  • Geared head and variable speed models with constant surface speed readouts

Alpha XS/XC CNC Lathes

A choice of 15 models to suit all types of high precision, small to medium batch turning applications, to toolroom accuracy and surface finish.

  • From 350-1000mm swing and up to 6000mm centre distance
  • Reliable Fanuc controls with conversational programming software
  • Free Alphalink CAD/CAM off-line programming software
  • Machines can be operated in manual, semi-automatic and full CNC mode, making them ideal for education and training
  • Options include manual/power chucking, manual/automatic toolposts, live tooling etc


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